Erosion aerial view
Erosion - aerial view
Compacted soil
Compacted soil
Felled trees
Felled trees

Nutrient-rich soil is an important part of any ecosystem because all plants depend on it. When trees are removed to make paper as in the pictures above, the soil is exposed to the elements and there are no longer as many roots holding the soil in place. In clear-cut areas, when it rains or the wind blows, nutrient-rich topsoil is washed away. What's left is hard rocky soil, making it hard for new plants to grow.

The above paragraph is describing which natural process?


Most of the erosion that occurs in San Mateo County is caused by water run-off near pavement. Pavement causes lots of water to flow to one area. This flow of water often washes away topsoil in that spot, making it hard for new plants to grow.

Erosion from a bridge
Erosion caused by water run-off
resulting from pavement.
Natural erosion at the beach
Natural erosion from wind and rain
at the beach

Harry Potter keeps forests green:
In Canada, all 935,000 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix books were printed on 100% recycled paper. By printing on recycled paper rather than regular paper, the printing company saved 30,000 trees, which is equal to 40 acres of forest habitat.