Reduce & Reuse

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When you do use paper, make sure you are using all of it - front and back. Many people have a scratch paper box where they put paper that has only been used on one side.

This is an example of:

Once is not enough

Did you know that the average person in San Mateo County throws away 3.3 pounds of trash every day? If everyone stopped putting paper in the trash and reused or recycled it instead, the amount of trash being thrown away would go down to about 2.2 pounds. That means a whole pound of most people's trash is paper! If you peek into your trash can, are there things that could have been used a few more times?

Check off things you do at home to reduce the amount of trash you put into the garbage can:

Use scratch paper
Reuse zip lock bags
Reuse plastic containers
Give old clothes to a thrift shop or a friend
Reuse wrapping paper and bows
Reuse grocery bags
Take your own bags to the grocery store
Donate old books to your classroom
Set your printer to print on both sides
Pack a no waste lunch