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  Create Unique Envelopes Using Old Magazines

Step 1: Choose a magazine page. Cut a total of 2 inches off the top and/or bottom to form a square sheet.

Step One

Step 2: Place the sheet face down. Fold one corner up, almost folding the sheet in half (within 1-2 inches).

Step Two

Step 3: Fold sides in about 1 inch away from first fold (step 2), forming 90 degree angles. Make sure the sides are high enough for your letter.

Step Three

Step 4: Use a glue stick to glue side flaps in place. Be sure not to glue the inside shut.

Helpful hints for fool-proof mailing, etc:

  • Use a self-adhesive stamp
  • Write addresses on mailing labels
  • Seal with clear tape or glue stick
  • Use calendar pages to make a bigger envelope
Step Four