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  Climate Change

We are on the verge of a huge global climate change! The change is likely to bring about a major rise in sea levels and hectic weather patterns, all caused by a small increase in the global average temperature.

Weather and Climate are two words often confused. Weather describes conditions in the atmosphere, temperature, precipitation, wind and or cloudiness, at the exact time for that exact place. An example is when someone asks, "What is the weather outside like?" They want to know what is going on in that area at that moment. Climate is the information taken when you summarize the weather for a long period of time, for example, over decades.

Climate change is the process of the earth's atmosphere heating up. The atmosphere is a thin layer of air that covers our planet like a blanket. The rising temperature of the atmosphere has already hurt our environment.

Sheets of ice, called glaciers are melting in Antarctica and other parts of the globe. As glaciers break off and melt into the oceans they're adding warm water to the oceans and causing sea level to rise. Over the last 100 years sea level has risen 6-8 inches around the world. The lands along the coasts are slowly starting to disappear under water.

Climate change is believed to be caused by human activities such as cutting down trees, producing more trash, polluting the environment and also new technologies that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are certain gases in the atmosphere that stop heat energy from escaping back into space. These gases - carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane - are called greenhouse gases. That is because they keep the earth warm just like a greenhouse. The method of trapping heat in our atmosphere is called the greenhouse effect.